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Listen to some local music!
please note: This is in no way meant to be any sort of comprehensive listing of bands, it simply includes ones that I have found web related material for, or that I have encoded into RealAudio from my records/CDs.

Audio: Like what you heard? Want to hear more? Looking for a release by your favorite bands? Then head over to CDNOW, where you will find loads of CD's including many by Ann Arbor and Detroit area artists!

(Click on either the 28.8K (for modem users) or the ISDN+ (for 56K and faster) connection speed links below to hear the music. If you do not have RealAudio installed on your computer, click on the RealAudio image above to download the software needed for free.)

Listen to some local music!
BAND TITLE Connection Speed
Broadzilla Bondage Boy 28.8K ISDN+
Dark Carnival You're Gonna Die 28.8K ISDN+
Demolition Doll Rods Queen Bee Drag Racin 28.8K ISDN+
Frank Allison and the Odd Sox Fishing' 28.8K ISDN+
Gangster Fun I Wanna Be Like You 28.8K ISDN+
Getaway Cruiser Bad Time 28.8K ISDN+
George Bedard and the Kingpins Dick Around 28.8K ISDN+
Harms Way Sick 28.8K ISDN+
Monster Bait Pretty Boys 28.8K ISDN+
Morsel Spark Knock 28.8K ISDN+
Ten High Crazy Ways 28.8K ISDN+

(Disclaimer: Any music provided on this site is copyright the respective bands and their record labels. I am providing this music as an incentive for you, the listener to go out and see these bands and/or purchase their records. If you are in an Ann Arbor/Detroit area band and would like to have a sample of your music on this site, please feel free to contact me. If I have included your band above, and you do not wish for me to promote your work in this manner, let me know and I will remove your listing immediately.)


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