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A bit about Matti ...

Sussi and I, our son Felix, along with our dog Freja and five horses live in a small village near Borlänge, Sweden. Before moving to Sweden in the summer of 2001 we lived in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area for three years, the last two in a house we bought in Augusta township. I have lived in Ann Arbor most of my life, though I also lived in Helsinki, Finland for two years when I was much younger. I was born in New York city, and my father is from Finland and my mother was Swedish. I have many relatives in both countries. I met Sussi during the summer of 1997. She has lived in the Borlänge area all her life, with the exception of the three years in the US with me. I speak English and Swedish, and can read and undestand a bit of Finnish.

After over five years as a consultant, I now am employed by the Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket). I have been there since 2002 as a consultant most recently through Know IT. Know IT purchased the Borlänge office of Nexus where i worked until October 2005. Prior to that, in the Unites States, I worked for Medical Center Information Technology (MCIT) at the The University of Michigan Health System . Before that, I worked at the University of Michigan's Information Technology Division (ITD). And even further back, I worked at Eastern Michigan University, from where I also received my M.S. in Computer Information Systems in 1995. I also had some great years as a student at Michigan State University , from where I received my B.S. in Packaging in 1989. I am a graduate of Ann Arbor Huron High School, class of 1984.

Name: Matti Jokelainen
Born: March 1, 1967 - New York, NY
Interests: Travel, Music (Alternative, Punk, Folk, Indie, and a bit of everything else as well),
Movies (especially foreign and independent), Disc-Golf,
Brewing (and drinking) beer, nature, photography,
building things, genealogy, etc...