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What is a sauna?
The sauna that I am discussing on this page is the traditional Finnish one, heated to between 80 and 110 degrees or so Celsius, where you periodically throw water on to rocks that are heated by either a wood burning or electric stove.  To fully enjoy a sauna, a cycle of three different stages takes place.   1) The sauna, where you sit relaxed, sweating away; 2) The lake (or shower), where you cool your body; and 3) The sitting room, where you relax and talk, and maybe have a beer.
Why would I want a sauna?
This should be quite obvious.  There are many excellent web sites that go more into the details of the history, traditions, and benefits of the sauna.  This site is more focused on how to build (or purchase) a sauna.  Be sure to visit the other web sites, as they do offer a lot!
How can I get a sauna?
If you live in Finland, this is probably not a problem.  This guide it written more for people who live in countries where the sauna (at least the real Finnish style sauna) is not as common.  As I live in the United States, this site is geared more to this country, but I hope that others will also find some of this information useful.
What do I need to know? (more coming soon)
Our sauna was built in an unfinished basement, and includes a simple shower room.   The materials and costs reflect what we used to build the sauna in November and December of 1993. 

If you are going with an electric stove, one of the most important decisions will be the wattage of the stove.  The stove you select will be based on the cubic footage of the sauna chamber.  In the chart below, you will see various ranges of room sizes along with recommended wattage.  Keep in mind that if you prefer your sauna on the hotter side, or want the room to heat up quickly, you want to go with a higher wattage model.   For example, if your sauna chamber is 200 cu. ft., the chart recommends either a 4,500 or 6000 watt model, and you will need to make an appropriate decision based on how you will use the sauna.

84-130 3,000
100-210   4,500
170-300   6,000
250-425   8,000
300-525   9,000
390-600   10,500
440-750   12,000
560-1050   15,000





Disclaimer...the fine print...
The information I have provided on these pages is based on my own experience building a sauna, and is accurate to the best of my knowledge.  I will not however be responsible in any way for any losses incurred from the use of this information.  Please inquire with your city's building department regarding any regulations that may affect you prior to proceeding with any work or purchases.  Also be sure to discuss any questions you may have with the manufacturer or seller of any products prior to making a purchase, as specifications and design considerations may vary from one manufacturer to another.  Some information on this page is courtesy of the various manufacturers listed above.

But most of   all...relax and enjoy your sauna!